Li Ning Super Light 16 Review

Li Ning ultralight 16 running shoes evaluation

This time the ultralight 16 shoe box is nothing special, unlike the 15 when it was a bit Chinese.

The overall appearance looks very ordinary, and the 16 numbers on the heel of the midsole are still very eye-catching, which directly shows their identity.

The colorful reflections of the shoelaces are still cool, and they look good in low light.

The cushioning technology Light Foam in the midsole uses the same cushioning as the speed of sound 7.

The breathability is still good. This is taken after lighting up the shoe with a mobile phone flash. This breathability has no dead ends in all directions. It can be said that apart from other ultralight shoes of its own, there should be no other shoes that can be lightweight. Better than 16 in this regard!

Li Ning ultralight 16 configuration

The ultralight 16th generation running shoes are inspired by the traditional Chinese interior furnishings of “Pingqifeng”-the screen design. In ancient buildings, the screens played the role of space separation and beautification and wind protection. They are integrated with the building and detached from the building itself, presenting a harmonious beauty. The lighter, more flexible, and transparent connotations have been dexterously transplanted to the ultralight 16th generation. The core move is to break the “wall” of the shoe body and change the traditional division mode of the shoe body to the “inside” and “outside” space. At the same time, the air permeability is greatly improved, and supplemented by the three-dimensional hollow structure, it presents a new design language that is once again upgraded between traditional culture and art.

The monolithic weaving of the upper uses MONO yarn material, combined with ultra-light flying knitting technology, to provide a softer wearing feeling and more ideal breathability. The appropriate amount of high-strength Cordura fiber is added to the soft fabric to increase the wrapping strength of the upper, prevent looseness, and effectively reduce the weight of the shoe body, presenting a lightweight upper system.

How about Li Ning’s super light 16 feet

I think the 16th generation is better than the 15th generation because the foundation is softer. Although the 15th generation is already very good, it feels a bit hard. But the foundation of the 16th generation has been improved on this point, and it is softer. In terms of weight, there is basically no difference between the 15th and the 16th generation. I tried it with two hands and the basic weight is the same.

The configuration of the midsole is ultra-light light foam. The editor’s feeling is that it is too strong. I jogged for 2,3 kilometers in the community. The first feeling is that it is super breathable. The wind blows in. The midsole has more bombs when running. The soft, stable heel piece is incredibly fragrant, and the tpu on the sole seems to be generally not stigmatized at present. I also think it looks good, and I love it overall.

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