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How about redearth lipstick

There are quite a few types of lipsticks in her family. The editor is most fond of this matchless lipstick. To be precise, this is not a common style of lipstick, but a bit like toothpicks, because each one is very large Little, one is only about one day’s usage, it’s almost a trial pack in the lipstick world. Making the formal dress into a trial size really meets the secret needs of many fairies. Why do you say that because a lipstick is so thick and so many? It takes 3 months to finish the application, and sometimes we use several lipsticks together and it will cause waste. At this time, we don’t want the lipstick to be cost-effective and the paste is too thick. We just hope to apply the most The color of the heart water is the same every day when the porridge is used. When the porridge is not used, change one every day. The lipstick design that satisfies us is the most popular, and this match lipstick is by far the smallest capacity in the lipstick world, you see Look, this box can be used for 12 days because there are only 12 colors, and each color can only be applied for one day. Throwing one away a day, and having new lip colors every day is really satisfying our curiosity about lipstick.

Not only does this design make people excited, but the quality is also not inferior. Don’t look at her small figure, but the color rendering is not inferior to those big-name products. After trying it out, the editor feels that the application is super smooth, and it will not show the color. It will have the effect of floating powder. Of course, if you apply lip balm well in advance, you will not get stuck. Of course, the price is also for the sake of consumers. It will not increase the price because of rarity. For the girl who eats soil, it can be bought as an early adopter. In short, the super cute design and the super affordable price, this fairy has been changed to a new color every day.

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